Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who wants online dating advice?

This is Tanyalee aka tlee, I have gotten a lot of emails asking me about what they should do...I get a few people a day. I would love to help answer your if you need to ask...I would love to answer...I dated till I was 29 believe me I know...I dated every kind of guy out in the world.

If you want to find the "one" and get him, and keep him...

I would love to answer some ?'s if you have them...


J. said...


I was on Eharmony before, but let my subscription run out, but after seeing your commercial, I signed back up. It's great to see that that kind of love exists and it gives me hope that maybe someday I will meet someone and just know he's the one.

When you first started emailing your husband, did you just know this time was different?

I am NOT an experienced dater(didn't start till after college), so I really need advice and soon. The first date is dinner and a movie.

When you go on the first date, how do you greet the guy? Hug? Handshake? We've only emailed a few times and talked on the phone twice. He hasn't even mentioned his last name.

Also, what do you usually wear on the first date? What if he's only an inch taller? Should I not wear heels?

What things should I talk about? I tend to be shy. What is a good answer if he asks about past relationships and I don't want to talk about them?

How do you know if a guy is interested? When I go on an online date, I have no idea if he is interested or how to let him know I'm interested? I have zero flirting skills since I waited so long to date.

How do you end the date? A hug? What if you'd like a kiss and you don't know if he's interested?

Do guys generally ask you out at the end of the first date? How do you let a guy know you are interested and want to see him again?

And finally, did you ever have dates that didn't work out? How do you keep yourself from feeling down?


Samantha said...

hey! you guys are adorable. how do you keep your relationship..well..fresh? after being together for quite awhile, same routine every single day, i miss the days when we had just started dating the flirting, movie nights stuff like that.

Kirbstomp said...

In one of the commercials with this couple it starts out with Tanyalee working in her store. She says how hard it is to do the dating scene when you own your own business.

In another commercial Josuha comments on helping Tanyalee open up her store.

I am wondering which story is accurate.

lisatech said...

I am curious as to your own shop... I saw some interesting jewelery that seems in the same style as I create so always looking for new ideas and venues...

Speaking to relationships and finding the right partner... I met my husband in a bar.... or shall I say I 'picked' him up.... and 22 years later he continues to be the right guy for me... :)

Joshua and Tanyalee said...

my jewelry was a designer in the Chico area...I don't carry the line anymore...I am in transition to changing the store to mens clothing...i am always looking to find new lines to carry in the store... you can always email me at ...and congrats to such an amazing love...

So, yes, they cut out some other lines. When I first met Joshua I was living in California..I owned a clothing store before I met him...and when I met him I sold my store, not the name just the store and inventory... i moved to MO while Joshua was in school... after we married in July, we moved back to Cali and 2 months later we opened my second store together... I hope that helps the confusion.

Samantha: thanks you... for the sweet comment.. and to answer your ?, to keep it fresh... we have been together for 2 years now, and we always are doing new exciting things, taking random road trips, writing sweet notes for the other to let the other one know we love them...maybe just a thank you note for taking the trash out, no matter how little the deed is, it is always nice to let that person know you know they did it... it is funny, in the fresh of a relationship, we work out, say all the perfect things, go the extra distance, and then you get comfortable, the trick is to always think of new things to do to keep it fresh... go that extra mile for the one you love... surprise that person... cook a meal, notes, cards, a date... have fun... life is so short and we get into the day to day things we sometimes forget about the romance and love... so try not to fall into the comfortable ways of life... so that a bit of my advice...

yes, i knew from the moment i talked with him on the phone, that their was something really special about him...i wuold love to chat with you... maybe a phone convo... please email me... i would love to answer your questions...I have a lot of advice, but i am a horrible me..

Anonymous said...

You guys are such an inspiration, a beautiful couple! I must ask did you KNOW he was the one? Did you have to go through alot of frogs first before you met your prince? I ask this because I have been dating alot lately, and so far haven't clicked with anyone:-( It can be quite discouraging. It seems to be getting harder and I get down on myself....any advice? :-)